About Us

Aloe Del Rio is a trademark property of E.C.F Rossi Y Cia S.A.S., which is a family business. It is located in Bogota, Colombia. But the aloe`s farming is located in Valle de Tenza, Boyacá.

All of our products are produced with a high percentage of Aloe Vera and are proved by healthy permission. (Registry INVIMA).



aloe humectante.jpg

The Hyaluronic acid combined with the Aloe, enables maximum water retention, giving skin volume and effectively treating the appearance of wrinkles, Moisturizes and protects the face from the inclemency of the weather. Bringing back skin`s natural brightness and dampness. Prevents aging and wrinkles. 


ALOE EXFOLIANTING SCRUB / Aloe limpiador Exfoliante.


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Aloe`s exfoliating scrub, deeply cleanses the skin releasing impurities. It removes dead and mistreated skin cells, while gently moisturizing the skin, thanks to the healing properties of the aloe.


ALOE SKIN REPAIRING GEL / Aloe Reparador gel.

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Aloe repairing gel contains aloe vera that thanks to its moisturizing and emollient effects protects skin from the inclemency of the weather and the damage that result from continuous exposure to pollution. Skin repairing gel relieves skin from the harsh effects of peelings, facials, sun exposure and general burns, thus helping it heal.


Aloe Antibacterial gel

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Aloe antibacterial gel protects skin from microorganism and bacteria found in your daily routine, leaving it smooth and hydrated, it doesn’t require rinsing. It absorb rapidly.



We are going to produce more products with Aloe Vera that protect the skin and body.